With our great variety of designs we like to create beautiful and interesting spaces for customers and realtors alike.

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*All prices include VAT.

Full styling – if the home is unfurnished

1-room apartment, from kr. 11 000,-
2-room apartment, from kr. 13 000,-
3-room apartment, from kr. 15 000,-
4-room apartment, from kr. 17 000,-
5-room apartment, from kr. 19 000,-

Small house, from kr. 24 000,-
Medium house, from kr. 29 000,-
Big house, from kr. 34 000,-
Patio, from kr. 1000,-

Partial styling –  as needed

Partial styling, from kr. 6 000,-
Offer according to the size of the home and the need for furniture and interior items.

The price includes:

->  Planning

->  Transport and setup/packing of styling

->  Insurance

->  Rental of furniture and interior items until sale of home or up to 5 weeks from time of styling

->  If the home is not sold within 5 weeks, the agreement period can be extended on a weekly basis for 15% of the offer price